Pelajaran Ucapan Yang Sopan

Pelajaran Ucapan Yang Sopan - The Polite Speech Lesson - Having a blog with thousands of visitors is the desire of all people. But to achieve that guns easily. Many obstacles we must face. kepalaberwarna.

One is the science of SEO or English language term is Search Engine Optimatization. While this is indeed a blog is an easy thing. We can make in wordpress or blogger.

Even for the beginners also been able to make it as easy as 1 2 3 within 5 minutes. But this is different to bring in the number of readers of the Google search engine. According to be able to bring in more visitors from search engine Google last 200 Factors passed. That link, domain, keyword, agedomain, social signals, topic, niche, and much more and it is so much.

Well, one which we have discussed in this article are RICH CONTENT. Or the term is a long article. The length of the article was how many yes, some say above 500 - 1000 words. Matt Mullenweg Own Platform Wordpress ever tried to examine research that on average almost wordpress author wrote about 280 articles per katadamai.gif.

So I conclude that articles of 280 words is a short article and one of them is mine, that you read including short. And google mark as THIN CONTENT berdukacita.gif.


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